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Multi-functional Home Kitchen Can Opener Non-slip Twist Bottle Opener Lid Opening Tool Kitchen Supplies

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Color: Green

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Jar Opener for Seniors - Heavy Duty Lids Off Jar And Bottle Opener Using a towel to get a better grip or waiting on someone strong to help is not so much fun or easy. What is the solution?

You really need an Stonego opener that will open anything you crave without other unnecessary tools that might harm you.


Product Name:Bottle Opener 


Color : red / blue / green / orange

Product size: 23cm*9.5cm

Aperture size: 7.5cm, 5cm, 3cm, 2cm


Product Details:

1.Ridged rubber siding allows you to hold on tight to slippery lids and with wet hands

2.Increased efficiency and comfortable utility make it perfect for those with hand injuries or arthritis

3.Amazingly simple to use: No instructions necessary, this silicone jar opener is just intuitive to use

4.One simple kitchen aid for all sizes of jars and bottles: Fits most sized jars, easy to hold handle with --rubber surface, the ultimate Stonego Bottle Opener

5.Four sizes of rings to fit different sizes of jars and bottles. From soda pop bottle tops to small pickle jars or medium mayo even family size peanut butter jars.


What is so interesting about this product?

The Stonego jar opener is made of solid plastic that withstands any pressure or force that needs to be exerted and minimize it so it is easy and safe to use even for children. The four sizes fit any lid from a jar to a cap on a soda bottle.


Package contents: 1Pc Bottle Opener

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